How to retain and engage your people

05th/Apr/2023 10:00am
Pro-Development | DMC 01

A Masterclass to support the growth of your business through your people

• Are you worried about losing talent to your competitors?

• Are you concerned about morale and engagement of your people and teams?

• Do you struggle to attract the right people?

• Are you frustrated that a lack of management is impacting on performance?

• Do you know what impact this is all having on your productivity and profit?


Speaker: Michelle Mook of Pro-Development (UK) Limited


Employee Engagement has been identified as one of the biggest challenges for small to medium sized business and yet it is key to the growth of our UK economy. And with around 30 million employees and only a third engaged, we’ve got some work to do if we want to see business in our area continue to succeed.


With over 20 years’ experience, Michelle Mook from Pro-Development (UK) Limited will share ideas and a framework to help you understand the key drivers for employee engagement along with tips to support the growth of your business. Pro-Development work with a wide variety of SMEs in Yorkshire supporting the engagement and development of their people and teams. This workshop will give you the opportunity to consider what you can do to bring out the best in your teams, increase productivity and sales which links directly to your bottom line.

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