Meet Makauley

Makauley is the Project Officer for the Tech Welcome Grant, welcoming tech businesses into the South Yorkshire region! He's part of the DMC team and runs the project on behalf of SYMCA.

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My role focuses on bringing the brightest tech startups to South Yorkshire You'll often find me with my colleague Julie around either of the two DMC buildings, helping to make sure everything is running smoothly. Failing that, I'll be helping Julie update her IT skills... again. You'll often find me out and about socialising on the weekend showing off my questionable dance moves or showing off my puppy, Edgar.

Looking to move your tech business to the DMC from outside of South Yorkshire? Get in touch with me to see how we can help, with support of up to £10K available! I can also help if you're a tech startup already in South Yorkshire to get your very first office space!

Makauley - Tech Welcome Project Officer